Hey folks, you see that guy to the left? That's me. A guy that's into sports, cars, motorcycles, bikes and software development.

After initially starting as a full time coder I found my passion in properly delivering code and creating a stable and capable infrastructure for it. Call it DevOps, call it SRE, I honestly don't care.

At some point in time I wanted to expose myself to a wider variety of projects and became a freelance DevOps and cloud consultant. Currently my main focus is on Kubernetes, Azure and AWS.

During my trips I encounter various technologies of the 21st century and run into smaller and bigger mistakes and learn from them. At least that's what I'm telling myself...
This blog is a place, where I write down these experiences and hope to enrich you with valuable information. I really don't like to pussyfoot around, that's why I describe my blog style as compact.

Feel free to leave me some feedback or just say Hi: