Side Projects

In my spare time I like to tinker on open source projects to solve problems I'm not able to find a solution for or simply out of educational purposes. Here's a partial list of what I've been building:

Cloud Catalog

A searchable collection of all services provided by major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean and more.
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A CLI tool that compares your AWS account's quota limits with the current number of resources to be able to request increases before running into a limit.
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A Kubernetes operator that takes care of creating UptimeRobot monitors for your Ingresses and setting up public status pages, maintenance windows and alert contacts.
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A collection of less popular features and tricks for the Python programming language.
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A Python library to interact with the API of the CheckMk monitoring solution.
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A web application that provides various calculators regarding the power consumption of all Raspberry Pi models.
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